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The 1930s ... and the Great Depression.  Those who lived through this difficult decade didn't see it as being so great.  But the experience gave them a great sense of pride.  It also gave them stories of struggles to tell their grandchildren.


The 1940s ... remembered most for the War, a common cause that united Americans as never before. President Roosevelt would not see the war's end. That would be President Truman.  And a new era would dawn: the Atomic Age.

The 1950s ... remembered most for the recovery. Neither President Truman nor President Eisenhower can be given full credit for getting America back to normal. Ordinary Americans had a lot to do with it.   This decade also witnessed a three-year war in Korea, and the birth of the civil rights movement.




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The Beer Wars broke out in the late 1970s. Many well-known names would fall by the wayside. Even Schlitz, once America's leading brand, would not survive. Today the beer makers, like the auto makers, have been narrowed to The Big Three. But craft beers continue to gain favor, and now (as it was in the 1940s) just about every state has its own special brew.

The first soft drink was Hires Root Beer, in 1876 ... followed by Dr. Pepper in '85, Coke in '86 and Pepsi in '98. Hundreds of other brands would follow in the 1900s; most would be gone by the 1990s. But some have returned. Click on your favorite bottle cap if we've made you thirsty.

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